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June 18, 2021

I'm Jenna


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Elevations Wellness & Financial Coaching is a labor of love! I’m a Wellness and Master Financial Coach, Nurse Executive, Mountain Girl, Dog Mama, Adventurer and Fellow Dreamer located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Azle, Texas.  I’m so glad you are here! Grab a cup of coffee and let me introduce myself.

The Rise

In 2006, I graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Project Management. I landed a great job, made great money, had just gotten married and bought a brand new house. Life was just falling into place. Sounds dreamy, right? 

The Fall

Cue the record screeching sound….

The reality was that I had 40k in student loan debt, shiny (financed) appliances, a brand new (financed) vehicle, gorgeous (financed) furniture, and balances on multiple credit cards. 

I looked successful on the outside with my postcard-perfect, instagram-worthy life and my Coach bag (that I’m ashamed to admit, did not come from the outlet).

Sound Familiar? 

I think we can all guess where the story goes from here. The economy crashed in 2008 and reality came crashing down around my ears in the form of job loss, divorce, and an unexpected back surgery.


Here we go again. I put myself through college again, this time as a registered nurse, racking up another 35k in student loan debt, and another 16k in credit card debt. Y’all, I had dug myself such a deep hole, I just couldn’t imagine I would ever get out.

Keeping up With the Joneses

I had been keeping up with the Joneses, I just hadn’t realized it! I was just doing what everyone else was doing. I was living the American Dream, (which, spoiler alert, is a total Nightmare)!  I had made a mess that would take me YEARS (and I do mean years) to clean up.

I was Broke, and if I’m being totally honest, a little broken. (And if I’m really, really being honest, I was scared and more than a little ashamed of myself for getting into such a huge mess in the first place).

The buried-in-debt “Shame Face”. Not around here! We all make money mistakes. Here we set goals, get on a plan, and move confidently in the direction of our dreams!

Getting Out of Debt

I said never again! I began a systematic, step by step, financial plan and slowly, but surely, started to dig my way out! Do I sacrifice? You bet! Is it easy? No way. Is it worth it? Absolutely! 

When I tell you I get it, it’s because I have been exactly where you are, and I know exactly how it feels to be there! I am passionate about helping women and families take control of their finances, once and for all, to finally get out of debt, start saving, start dreaming and start living intentionally so that you can start living the life you’ve been dreaming about! I don’t want anyone to live scared, stuck and broke! I want you to live counter-culturally and Thrive!

I am a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. (Yes, Ramsey Solutions as in Dave Ramsey). I am also a Compass Finances Coordinator.

Elevations Blog

My goal with this Blog is to share financial wisdom, health and wellness tips, and throw in some travel and adventure, because, heck, what is life without some amazing adventures! I hope to help you create the amazing life you are dreaming about! (You might even catch a glimpse of my furry, four legged friends and amazing fella who are my furever fellow adventurers).

Live Hopefully

Here, there is no shame, and no guilt! We dream, we hope, and we celebrate wins! We plant the seeds to grow the most beautiful lives!

This is a place of grace, beauty and kindness! And a place where we can share the messy; judgement free. A place where ALL are welcome!

I’ll meet you wherever you are on your journey. I can’t wait to hear about your dreams and help you get there!  You don’t have to DIY your finances or your wellness journey.

Visit the website to book a complimentary discovery call or to schedule a coaching session at

Free Resource Library

I am in the process of creating a ton of new content! Stay tuned for free tools and resources, amazing books, courses, and inspiration to help you truly live your best life; Elevated and Inspired!

I’m so glad you’re here!

PS – The next blog post is already in the works and will be an introduction to all things (gasp) budgeting! Don’t worry, it’s not scary. You might even find you have a lot more money hanging around than you thought you did. We are going to break it down into bite sized chunks, complete with an amazing budgeting workbook to get you started. Spoiler Alert- It’s 100% FREE!! (And comes with instructions- I got you!)

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I'm Jenna

Executive, entrepreneur, floral designer, RN, Master Financial Coach, and the owner of Elevations. Good coffee and adventures in wild places with my hubby and two dogs fuel my soul.


Financial Coaching

Elope, Yellowstone!

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