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The Four Financial Seasons: Fall

November 4, 2023

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Just like the seasons in the year, there are also different financial seasons. They are not dictated by your age, but rather, the financial season you are in.

In the last two posts we covered the Spring, a season of hope and new beginnings, and the Summer season, a season full of beautiful growth, where the seeds that we planted during the spring are beginning to grow, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. This month, we are picking up where we left off with the Fall Financial Season.

The Fall Money Season

Fall is not only my favorite season of the year, but one of my favorite financial seasons as well. It is a season full of beauty, abundance, and peace. You have weathered the stormy days of the spring, and the occasional rain shower in the summer. The roots you planted are strong and your world is transformed with a garden that is finally in full bloom.

You, my dear friend, are building wealth!

Who is in the Fall Financial Season

Most people in the fall season are well established in their careers and are enjoying annual raises and increasing income.

You continue to develop a monthly budget (which you are now a pro at) and you continue to live within your means. You are in control of your money and your spending.

During the Fall season, you have paid off your debt, including your student loans, and are also working to pay off your home, if you haven’t already done so.

You have a fully funded emergency savings account which gives you a tremendous sense of peace.

You are working with a financial advisor to maximize your investments and plan for retirement. You’re investing in your retirement plans religiously, and are enjoying the benefits of compounding interest.

Because you now have margin in your monthly budget (aka money left over at the end of the month after paying bills, investing, saving, etc), you are able to enjoy some of your money and give graciously.

Steps to Take When you are in the Fall Financial Season

The abundant fall season is all about remaining in control of your money, building wealth, and protecting your assets.

Continue preparing a monthly budget. You do have margin at the end of each month, but you want to make sure you remain in control of your money and continue directing your money to work for you. Avoid spending creep.

You have professionals in your corner such as a financial advisor, accountant, and legal advisor to help you protect yourself and your assets, and make solid long term decisions.

Continue investing regularly and saving for retirement. During this season, retirement planning is a large focus. Meet with a financial advisor regularly to ensure your investments are adjusted for risk tolerance and growth.

If you have a pension, make sure you understand your benefit. Understand when you can begin to draw, how long you will collect, and what your monthly payment will be. Understanding this benefit now can help you and your financial planner make adjustments to reach your retirement goals.

Continue saving and paying cash for larger purchases or luxuries such as vehicles and vacations.

Review your estate plans, including wills and trusts, and make any changes to continue to protect your assets and your loved ones.

Review your insurance coverage annually to ensure the assets you own are covered. Make sure you have health insurance, life insurance, and adequate coverage on all assets such as homes, jewelry, art, firearms, and vehicles.

Review your current social security contributions and estimated benefits at the age of retirement to ensure retirement goals are adequate.

Professionals Who Can Help You During This Season

A Financial advisor will review your retirement and money goals and help maximize your investments to help you reach your financial goals.

An Insurance Agent can make sure the assets you currently own are protected. Ensure you have adequate life insurance, and any other insurance needs are covered.

An Attorney can assist you in real estate or business transactions, contracts, and help you develop wills or trusts.

An Accountant will prepare your taxes, educate you on deductions, and offer suggestions to minimize your tax burden or prepare tax estimates for the following year.

The HR Professional or pension manager at work will help you understand your benefits package, and help you maximize and understand your retirement matches or pension plans.

The Summer Financial Season

During the fall, all of the hard work during the spring and summer seasons have turned into a more lovely, leisurely pace. Your garden is beginning to bloom into incredible wealth. You are enjoying a sense of financial peace and a hopeful retirement. You are able to enjoy some of your money on luxuries such as vacations or elevating your home, and you are able to give generously. Well done my friend, and happy wealth building!

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