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November 18, 2023

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Hello My Gorgeous Friends, and happy (almost) Thanksgiving y’all! I cannot believe the Holiday season is upon us! I honestly don’t know where this year went!

Here it is, almost another Thanksgiving, and another year in the books. I hope you had an amazing year! 

If I am being honest with myself, I am actually looking forward to this season, and I am hoping life settles into a more slow and leisurely pace.  

Review Your Goals

As we settle into the comfort season, I always take this time to reflect and look back at my year and the progress I have made on the goals I set for myself. One of my goals this year was to pay off my student loans from my first degree by the end of the year (from 2006 y’all!). I’m not quite going to make it, and it is now looking like they will be paid off in February. 

Can you relate? Did you have an area where you slipped off of your goals a little bit? 

The Four Financial Seasons

While Thanksgiving and Spring don’t exactly seem to go hand in hand, my self-reflection this fall inspired me to write the Four Financial Seasons series. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of beating ourselves up over every little set back or mistake. I want to look at our money from a place of beauty, growth, abundance, hope, and inspiration! (A completely different perspective than the dreaded spreadsheets and bank statements, and while those are included, it can be a beautiful journey with a different perspective).

I hope that this inspires you too, and lets your mind begin to dream of all the beautiful possibilities! If you can’t wait to dive in, you can head over to the blog and read all four seasons, or you can simply follow along here for the next few months. 

The Spring Financial Season

This month we are beginning with the Spring Financial Season. (You can read the entire blog post here). Just like the season itself, Spring is a season of new beginnings. It is a season full of beautiful possibilities; a season of hope. It is the season in which we plant the seeds that will grow into lush gorgeous blooms and a bountiful harvest. This season is the beginning of your money journey.

This season is not determined by your age, or where you are at in your career, but rather by the stage you are at with your finances. Whatever your age, now is a great time to begin your money journey.If you are in the Spring season of your finances, start with the basics.

Steps to Take in the Spring Season

Begin by analyzing your current financial situation and establish your financial goals. Next, get organized and build a workable budget (you can get a pretty one here if you feel inspired). During this season, control your spending and begin paying off any current debt, including your student loans.

Resist the temptation to make future purchases using debt, instead create sinking funds so you are able to make future purchases using cash. This works well for everything from paying for your wedding, to Christmas spending, expensive salon treatments, vehicle purchases, and travel.T

The key for this season is to get in control of your money and begin telling your money where it is going and how it is working for you. Begin cleaning up old money mistakes, and start living a lifestyle that is within your means.

A Season of Hope and Possibilities

This is a season to build new money habits.This is NOT a season for guilt and shame. This is a season of hope and new possibilities. The beauty is, you get to write your story!

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